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Programmatic Implementation

We build your programmatic business from the ground up - setting up your DSP, training your team, and integrating publishers and data providers. Everything is fully transparent and owned by YOU!

Technical Consulting

Our experts work with your team’s key stakeholders to streamline existing programmatic operations, cut costs, evaluate and develop product strategy, and make critical technical investments to boost ROI and win new business.

Managed Buying

Not ready to make the jump to in-house yet? ProDataRX has a fully operational DSP and can execute programmatic buying on your behalf, cutting your media cost in half and reducing reliance on multiple vendors.

Software Development

Have a new product in mind? Need to build out your data pipeline? We do the hard work for you by setting up your cloud infrastructure, writing the code, and deploying the features that you need to differentiate your business.

About Us

We help agencies and marketers bring 100% of their programmatic business in-house. Whether that means building a trading team and DSP technology from scratch, or helping to cut outside vendors, ProDataRX has the expertise to help you win at programmatic. ProDataRX is made up of product and engineering veterans from ad tech giants and top healthcare consulting firms. We distinguish ourselves by placing our focus on custom-built technology solutions rather than antiquated and inefficient handshake deals. This allows ProDataRX to work flexibly with any agency, publisher, DSP, and digital vendor.


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